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Average Area: {{((schoolroomsall.data.avg( "Length" ).formatNumber( 2 ) * schoolroomsall.data.avg( "Width" ).formatNumber( 2 )).formatNumber(2))}} m2






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Length: {{Length.toNumber( ).formatNumber( 2 )}}m Condition: {{condtition}}
Width: {{Width}}m Displays: {{displays}}
Height: {{height}}m Noise: {{noise}}
Area: {{(Length.toNumber() * Width.toNumber())}} m2


Windows: {{windowsno}} Windows Size:{{windowssize}}

orientation: {{orientation}} Blinds: {{blindswindows}}
Year group: {{yeargroup}} Tables: {{tables}}
Number of Students:{{nochildren}} Chairs: {{chairs}}
Number of Teachers{{noteachers}} Flooring: {{flooring}}
Number of TA: {{noTA}} Adjacent spaces{{adjacentspaces}}
Number of other Adults: {{nootheradults}} Connected spaces{{adjecentspacesconnected}}
  Other Spaces: {{otherspaces}}
Walk in cupboards: {{walkincupboards}}  
Freestanding cupboards: {{freestandingcupboards}}  
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