North East School Space Database

Our Staff

Dr. Pam Woolner, Project Leader

Pam has a growing reputation in understanding learning environments, with work that includes investigations of Dr. Pam Woolnerunderlying issues and research into the design and use of space in British schools.

Originally a secondary teacher, Pam has over a decade of varied, direct experience in educational research. This has centred on understanding the learning environment provided by schools and investigating the participation of users (including students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the wider community) in this understanding. Her work, bridging architecture, education and visual mediation methods, is unusual and she has been invited to provide expert input into projects and discussions regionally, nationally and internationally. Outputs have included an influential review, The Impact of School Environments; a book, The Design of Learning Spaces, aimed at school users and an edited inter-disciplinary book, School Design Together, exploring collaborative approaches to school design and use.

With the current pressure on school premises and limits to investment in buildings, Pam argues that it is particularly important to think how we design, organise and use schools, with the participation of school communities in decisions about their space being vital.

Ulrike Thomas

Ulrike has been a researcher with the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLaT) since 2007, contributing to a  Ulrike Thomaswide range of projects. However, during these years, she has maintained a particular and consistent involvement with work investigating the physical spaces of learning and teaching. This has included consultative work with a school intended for rebuilding, collaborative projects with local schools intending to make changes to their premises and, most recently, research examining innovative teaching and learning space for higher education.

Alison Whelan

Previously a secondary school teacher, with experience in a number of schools across northern England, Alison is now completing a Doctorate of Education. She is particularly interested in how research within the field of education relates to the everyday practices of teachers. Her doctoral work is a study of teacher-researchers.